Review: Lush Enzymion Moisturiser

Wednesday, 4 June 2014
Hello everyone. Today I'm going to be reviewing this moisturiser from Lush. My gran bought me a tub of this stuff back in October and to be honest when I was using it I wasn't really thinking that it was doing much help. Then when it ran out a few weeks ago my skin started to break out a lot. Then I realised that the only thing I'd changed in my skincare routine was that I'd stopped using this. So it must have been doing some help.

Enzymion contains a lot of fruit enzymes which is where the names come from.  It has a slight fruity smell but I wouldn't say that it's an artificial smell however. When using this I felt a slight tingling sensation. If you've ever used a chemical exfoliator then it has a similar feelings to that. I'm not overly keen on this but it really does help my skin so it's worth it. It's aimed at oily skin but is still very moisturising despite it not being very thick. It leaves the skin looking quite dewy and takes about 5 minutes to properly sink in. The tub will last about 6-7 months which I think is better than most moisturisers. It's £13.95 which I really do grudge spending. I've repurchased it in a panic because my prom is coming up and I don't want to be a spotty mess. Would I buy it again? Honestly I'm still undecided.

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