Week In Photos #69

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Eugh, remind me not to leave it this long between posting a Week In Photos post again. So many photos. This isn't even all of them, I had to cut a few out so that I had a square number.

So damn it's been an interesting few weeks. On the 22nd of May I sat my last exam of high school, advanced higher phsyics. It was quite a good exam. It wasn't as easy as the chemistry exam but it wasn't as hard as the maths exam either so I'm feeling pretty confident. I'm just trying to completely put exam results out of my mind until I get my results. I don't want to be stressing about them.

On a uni update, I got my first choice of accommodation! And I'll officially be moving out as of September 6th, aka 3 months last Friday. If any of you have any tips or things that you would definitely recommend taking with you then please leave me a comment! I'm thinking about maybe sharing my 'check list' in a blog post and then seeing if you guys have anything to add or anything you think is unnecessary. Thoughts? I've also found two of my flatmates on Facebook already. We all have similar taste in books and hate the same foods. I think we're going to get on just fine! It's a 5 person flat so I only have two more flatmates to find.

Then everyone's least favourite blogger Charlotte( ;) ) came to visit me last week! On the same day that all my hot water and gas got shut off and my stepdad fell off a roof. Oh dear. I'm sorry Charlotte, not the relaxing day of shopping we expected! I had made her pulled pork the night before and the plan was to get that for lunch with bread rolls and then have a Chinese for dinner. But then I had no way of cooking the bread rolls or heating the pork so we had to go out for lunch as well! The churros made up for it. And she got to meet BATDOG. My stepdad has broken two bits of his spine and has a small bleed in his brain. He is home but still in a lot of pain so it's been a really stressful time for my family. He's not the type to sit and rest so we've been following around trying to stop him from doing things. I had to take his van keys off him because he tried to go to work for example.

And then Friday night was my prom. I've waited so long for it, I can't believe that now it's finally over. I had an absolutely amazing night. Especially dancing with my two best friends from high school, Shaira and Sarah. Definitely the people I'm going to keep in contact with the most from high school. I'm sad that it's all finished now but at the same time I'm very excited to move on!

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