A Trip To South Queensferry

Wednesday, 9 July 2014
Lately Stuart has been working Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday nights and then training Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights. It sucks. Big time. And it means that I only really get to spend one night a week with him. I see him a lot during the day but it's still not the same! So on Friday night we went on a little road trip to South Queensferry.

South Queensferry is about a 20 minute drive from Livingston, our hometown, so is perfect for a little evening drive. I was hoping that it would be sunny but it was a little more cloudy than I was expecting. The views were still beautiful!

The big red bridge is the Forth Rail Bridge and the other the Forth Road Bridge. Genius naming right? These are now pretty iconic parts of the Scottish landscape so it was nice to go on a little walk under the two and get a real good look. I've been over both of them enough times but I've never really had a proper look.

We were there quite late at night so everywhere was shut but I think that we might go back one day to go on one of the boat trips. I've been on the Inchcolm Landing one before as part of a school trip and really enjoyed it.

We had the whole beach to ourselves so we went on a little wander and took some very serious photographs.

Sorry did I say serious? I mean ridiculous.

This one's my favourite.

It was the perfect little evening. There's just something so exhilarating about sea air. It made us so giggly and happy. One of Stuart's friends lives nearby so we stopped by on the way back for a 'quick visit' and stayed for over an hour. Oops!

Also can you believe that these photos were taken between 9 and 10pm?! I'm still not used to this 'getting light early' summer business!

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