Book Series: Pure and Fuse

Wednesday, 16 July 2014
Hello everyone! Today I'm going to be reviewing Pure and Fuse by Julianna Baggot* which are the first two books in the Pure series. I was kindly given ebook copies of these books for review purposes. It's an adult dystopian series. A series of 'detonations' have hit America and some people have escaped into a giant dome. The people in the dome remain 'pure' and unharmed whilst those outside end up fused to things they were touching at the time of the detonations. The book follows two characters, one inside and one outside of the dome. If I'm honest, this really wasn't the series for me. I was really expecting to like it because it's had some amazing reviews but I just couldn't get into it.

I normally find that in dystopian trilogies the first book is often a bit slow because the author is spending a lot of time explaining the 'new world' and how it works etc. I feel like in Pure we were dropped in the deep end without much explanation and it took me a while to catch on to what was happening. I feel like if more time had been spent explaining things then I probably would have enjoyed it more. For example, when the detonations occurred, people 'fused' to things. But I didn't catch on to this. There's a character that's described by Pressia as 'the boy with wings in his neck' and I thought that this meant he had tattoos. But he actually fused with birds during the detonations and they were imbedded in his neck. I also still don't quite 'get' what the Dusts are either.

I think if you enjoyed Pure then you'll definitely enjoy Fuse. But by this point I was fed up with the story and I didn't care about the characters. I couldn't really identify with any of them and the introduced too many new characters for me to really keep on check with who everyone was. I did really like the Lyda/Patridge story line but the other characters didn't really interest me.

I hate to say that I didn't enjoy these books because they get so many 4/5 star reviews. I must be missing something! I gave Pure 2/5 stars and Fuse 1/5 stars.

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