Small Book Haul

Thursday, 10 July 2014
Hello everyone! I went into Waterstones last Wednesday whilst shopping with  my gran for things for my uni room. I had gone in to buy a book for my friend's birthday and then I tripped, knocked 3 books for myself onto the counter and my card fell into the machine. We've all been there right? Good.

My purchases are kind of justified however! I had been meaning to buy a student cook book to take with me to university. Cooking is something that I enjoy but I stick to the same few meals everytime. I thought that a cook book would be the best thing to get to inspire me to create new meals. It worked, there are so many things out of these two books that I want to make, the first one was Sam Stern's Student Cookbook(£9.99) and the second A Girl Called Jack(£10.99 with £2 off). I've never heard of Sam Stern before but this book has so many great recipes. Jack Monroe is actually a blogger so I've wanted to buy her book since it came out, it's so nice to be able to support other bloggers. Again it's full of great recipes, I'm sure I'll be trying out one soon!

Then when I went to buy the book for my friend's birthday, it was buy one get one half price. So it would be a shame not to take advantage of this! I've wanted to read Half Bad by Sally Green(£3.99 half price) since it came out. I put it on my Summer Reading List so as it was on offer, I had to pick it up! It's about witches and one witch in particular who is half good witch, half bad witch. I've read some good things so I can't wait to read it.

What books have you bought recently?

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