The Importance Of Craft Scissors

Monday, 14 July 2014

As a few of you may have guessed from reading my blog, I'm a very crafty person. I've blogged about crocheting but I have also dabbled in many other crafts: sewing, knitting, patchwork, jewellery making. The list goes on an on. Crocheting is probably the thing that I'm best at but that doesn't stop me. I think I owe my craftiness to my granny. I spent a lot of time at my gran's house when I was growing up. She worked in a dressmaker's shop for a long time and therefore she really knows her stuff. But there was one thing that she really got heated about. She had a pair of scissors that were her craft scissors and they were only to be used by her when working with materials etc.

I always thought that this was a bit over kill. But a few weeks ago at work I saw this play out. Now I work in an aquarium/aquatic pet shop. And we had a large goldfish that caught in a net. This happens more often than you'd think, the fins are actually a lot more rigid than you'd think. Normally if left alone the fish will relax and work its way out of the net by itself. But after a while, the fish was still stuck and it was decided that we'd cut the net off the fish. So I got the pair of scissors we keep at work which are some of the Scotch Titanium scissors and tried to cut the net. But because the scissors get used for everything, they were blunt and the net wouldn't get cut. Lesson learnt.

I was recently sent this pair of Scotch Comfort Scissors* from Viking Stationery and I've decided that these are going to be kept as my craft scissors. The handles are padded which means that they don't dig into your fingers. If you've ever made an item of clothing by yourself then you'll know that it takes an absolute age to cut out the pattern and then the material to match. With these you could easily do that without getting sore hands. The blades are really sharp and I intent to keep them that way by not using them for all my random crap(opening parcels etc). If you're looking to get yourself a pair of crafting scissors, or just a sturdy pair for everyday use, I'd really recommend checking out the selection at Viking, they have a wide range and their delivery is super quick.

We eventually got the fish out of the net by the way, he's fine.

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