The Glasgow Science Centre

Sunday, 17 August 2014
Hello everyone! On Friday I headed along to Glasgow to meet up with Morag. One of my best blogging buds. We had planned a little trip to the Glasgow Science Centre. The Science Centre is located in the Pacific Quay, just next to the BBC building. You can get here by car or by getting a train to the Exhibition Centre from Glasgow Central Station and crossing the river.

I've been to the Science Centre once before, on a school trip. It's changed a lot since I went there(4 years ago) so I guess it's worth going every few years to see all the new things, especially if you have younger kids. 

The Science Centre is really designed for children but I still really enjoyed myself. As a science geek I understood the science behind a lot of the exhibits which was really cool.

Morag playing an infared harp.

I think Morag and I enjoyed the giant hamster wheel the most! It isn't as easy as it looks I promise you!

One side of the Science Centre is entirely made of windows so you get an awesome view of Glasgow!

Meet my new boyfriend.

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