The Linkables: A Tribute

Friday, 15 August 2014
One of my best blogging pals Morag runs a series calls The Linkables. She posts these every Friday and sometimes they're actually the highlight of my Friday night. What can I say, I live a wild life. Basically in these posts Morag links to all the things she's seen on the internet and really enjoyed that week. It helps me find loads of things to read and I can quite easily spend an hour looking through all the links. I've found myself sending a few links to Morag(lets call her Mo) and saying 'oh you should put this in a Linkables'. So then I thought to myself 'why don't I do one?'. So here we go. This is The Linkables: A Tribute.


Here's an online petition to have victim blaming posters removed from Britain's NHS hospitals. We need to stop teaching women to not get raped and start teaching men not to rape women. LINK

" If you wanna go to Taylor's tell a brother you wanna go to Taylor's." This is just a really funny YouTube video. LINK

A 17 year old boy flies to Australia to surprise his girlfriend on her birthday. LINK

Get directions from a penguin app. LINK

25 ways to feel less lonely. LINK

A couple recreate new born baby photos, with their dog. LINK

I laughed so much at Lynsey's post about job hunting expectations vs realities. LINK

91 years old and still tweeting. LINK

11 dogs who learnt the hard way not to eat bees. LINK

If like me you'll be moving out for the first time this September then here's a great list on what to take with you. LINK

I love this super easy cat crochet pattern. LINK

If anyone would like to buy me this beautiful dress then that would be greatly appreciated. LINK

YA authors sort their own characters into Hogwarts Houses. LINK

16 words that have a completely different meaning in Edinburgh. LINK

A music video about consent that puts Blurred Lines to shame. LINK

If you're a book blogger and you're looking for review copies of books then you'll love this website. LINK

So there are my favourite links from the last few weeks. What have you found on the internet recently?
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