5 Reasons To Start A Blog

Wednesday, 10 September 2014
I've been blogging for about two and a half years and it's been about two years since I made my blog known about to people I know in real life. The reaction was a lot more positive than I was expecting and I've only ever had one bitchy comment about it. Although I know there are probably a lot of people that talk about it, just not to my face. I've had a few people saying that they'd also like to start a blog but are scared to/don't know how. So here's a post to all the people out there that want to start a blog, here are 5 reasons why you should.

You'll make amazing friends.
I've met some amazing people through blogging. Some that I'm happy to have a chat with whenever I see them at events, some that I'll be friends with for life. Even if you don't know any bloggers then I'm sure there will be some near by. You can meet them at meet ups and blogging events or arrange to meet up with them by yourselves. I find new social situations a bit daunting and meeting new people is not my strong point. When you meet a blogger in person that you've spoken to online for a while it doesn't even feel like you're meeting someone new. It feels like you're meeting up with an old friend. 

You become so much better at expressing yourself.
Blogging gives you a lot of experience with talking about things at length and expressing yourself in a really specific manner. It's given me a lot more confidence with speaking especially for things like public speaking and interviews I feel like I can represent myself in a really sophisticated and professional manner. This really helped me out when I was studying English in high school.

The community.
The blogging community is on the whole really friendly and supportive. Yes there can be some nastiness and bitchiness but for the most part people are really kind. I love the words of encouragement that I get left it the comments and when someone tells me that they like my blog it can really make my day. Especially if you write a somewhat negative blog post about something bad that's happened, there will always be people helping you out in the comments. It reminds me that you're not alone. 

You get a lot of inspiration.
If you write a blog then chances are that you also read a lot of blogs. I know that you can read blogs without having your own but you do definitely get more submerged in the blogging world when you have your own. I take inspiration from fashion bloggers on outfits, from book bloggers on what to read, from food bloggers on recipes. And lets not even get started on crafting/DIY bloggers!

It gives great opportunities.
You shouldn't start with the intention of receiving PR samples or event invites. But it's nice to know that if you put in all the hard work that you'll get some perks from it. People can tell if you write for the money/products though so make sure this isn't the only reason you're starting a blog. It takes a lot more time and dedication than you think! But I'm not going to lie and say it's not an amazing feeling knowing that a company wants to work with you.

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