Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Buchanan Galleries Student Takeover Wishlist

Hello everyone! The Buchanan Galleries Shopping Centre in Glasgow are having a student take over on the 26th. I've always heard about these events and always miss out as before I never had a proper student card as a high school student. Now that I'm a fully matriculated student I can reap all the benefits of student discount! So from 7:30pm to 10pm the student take over will be taking place and many of the stores will be having some amazing discounts! I've made this little wishlist to show you what I'd pick and tell you about the discounts that will be on offer! You can find out more details on their Facebook event page here.

Buchanan Galleries Student Takeover Wishlist

Bag / Boots / Jeans / Top / Earrings

Bag - 15% off

Since starting uni I've came to appreciate my bag pack! My maths textbook is so heavy so on the days where I need to bring it my bag pack is an absolute lifesaver. I've had a few bags from Accessorize before and they've always lasted and held up well. One I've been using for over two years and it's still going! I've had cheap bags before and they never last. Do yourself a favour and invest in a decent bag for uni, trust me! I love this one because 101 Dalmatians is my favourite Disney movie!

Boots - 20% off

How gorgeous are these boots?! When I saw them my jaw actually dropped. I love the riding boot style and the little metal detailing around the heel is so cute and unique. I really want a new pair of boots for wandering around my new city and campus.

Jeans - 30% off

Levi's jeans are amazing quality but pretty expensive, so the opportunity to buy a pair at 30% off is really an amazing opportunity. I have cheaper jeans that the colour has just completely faded from where some of my more expensive jeans are still going strong. Invest in a pair of good jeans and they could last you your degree.

Top - 15% off

This top I just included as something cute and fun. The colours are great for this semester as they're very autumnal and I can't say no to something with a collar. This would look great for a lecture with some jeans or you could dress it up with some black shorts for a night out.

Earrings - 15% off

I forgot to bring earrings with me when I moved so I need some new ones! Not a great reasoning but I love these ones.

What would you consider to be staples in a student wardrobe?

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