Crocheted Elephants

Tuesday, 2 September 2014
Hello everyone! If you follow me on Instagram then you'll probably have already seen these little cuties. They're probably my most liked photos on Instagram ever! I've been crocheting for about two years now and these crocheted elephants are probably the most difficult thing I've ever made. Each one takes me about 4-5 hours and contains almost 4'000 stitches. But I love them and they're so adorable. The pattern comes from All About Ami and you can read it here. All About Ami is an amazing crochet blog so I'd recommend going and having a look even if you don't want to make an elephant!

I really love the little bits of fabrics in the ears. I think it really adds a cute little touch to the elephant. Hobbycraft had fat quarter bundles of fabric on sale so I stock up! I now have a lot of different fabrics I can use.

Since posting photos of these I've now got another 7 to make for family and friends! So I have a feeling I'm probably going to be a bit bored of elephants by the time I'm finished!

The colours aren't typical elephant colours which I think makes them even cuter! Although I will need to make a grey one at some point. I've also messed about with the placement of the eyes and the length of the trunk to see what looks best. Which one do you think is cuter, the purple or the blue? 

Leave me some colour suggestions below! Also let me know if there are any other animals you'd like to me to try and crochet, I need some inspo! 

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