Dassie: Barrett's Ridge Beer Bread

Thursday, 4 September 2014
I've been watching the Great British Bake off along with everyone and their granny. Apart from my granny, who has a vendetta for Mary Berry. Unfortunately my kitchen is in the process of getting knocked down whilst a new kitchen is being put in in our extension. Meaning the place has been really dusting and I didn't really fancy baking in all of the mess. But I was sent some of the lovely Barrett's Ridge Beer Bread from Dassie* so I packed up my bags and went to my granny's to use her kitchen.

I've tried beer bread before but I've never tried making it. Or any sort of bread actually for that matter. I was having a little peek at the instructions and it said that you could also make it with cider. I'm a much bigger fan of cider so I decided to go with some pear Kopparberg. The thing that I loved about this was that it was so easy. You mix the dough with the beer/cider, mix it and then pop it in the oven! No kneading, no proving. Easy peasy. The only thing was the instructions say to cook for 45 minutes but it took me and hour and a half to cook mine before the bread was cooked all the way through. So weird! Maybe it was something to do with the cider instead of the beer. It kind of ending up a bit burnt on the top because I didn't want to take it out.

I was sent a garlic and chilli mix and one of the original mixes. I'm going to take the original one along with me to uni as it might be something fun to rustle up with my new flatmates. So I cooked the garlic and chilli bread first. Both me and my family loved it. You could taste the garlic straight away but the chilli was a lot more subtle. You were thinking 'hmm it's not very spicy' but then after you'd finished you could definitely feel it. You couldn't really taste the cider though. Not that I'm really bothered about that. I really enjoyed eating the bread toasted with a bit of butter but I think it would also make one amazing ham and cheese toastie.

Barrett's Ridge Beer Bread mixes can be bought from the Dassie website here. Dassie are an eco friendly online shop and their decor is absolutely beautiful. The mixes are £6.95 each which is very expensive but they come in lovely little cotton bags and would make a great present for the foodie in your life! I'm also going to be giving a beer bread mix away on my blog within the next few weeks so keep an eye out!

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