Monday, 22 September 2014

I Heart Instagram

Hello everyone! I was tagged to do the I Heart Instagram tag by the lovely Josie. I haven't done a tag in ageeees and the questions in this one look great. Plus Josie's blog is one of my favourites and her Instagram contains lots of photos of her lovely doggy. Us dog people have to stick together, the blogosphere is full of cat people. Which are also very cute I'm just allergic. Anyway... I absolutely love Instagram. I remember squealing with excitement when Instagram for Android was released so that I could finally do week in photos posts like all the cool bloggers!

What's your Instagram handle? @whathayleydidtoday I know everyone always says to match your twitter, Instagram and blog titles but I am a rebel. So there. Plus it's based on one of my favourite childhood books.

How many accounts do you follow? 454 although I want to follow more. I hate it when I go to reload instagram and there are no new photos. Show me your dinner guys, I want to like things!

How many followers do you have? 646, but why don't you come over here and change that? ;)

What are your favourite hashtags? #crochet, #amigurumi(a type of crocheting), #chocolatelab, #nandos, #lbloggers.

What is your favourite genre of photo? I really like those ones where people lay everything out on the floor or something and shoot it from above. Even though I know they're totally bullshitty.

How often do you post? I either post several times a day or a I don't post anything for a few days. I can be really sporadic. The #100happydays project had me posting daily for a while(well 100 days) but I don't always have something to show.

How often do you check your Instagram feed? Too often.

What's your favourite filter? When I first started using Instagram I always used Walden but now I always use Valencia.

Smartphone purist or rebel? I have no idea what this actually means.....

Your 3 favourite Instagram accounts? 




I don't really tag anyone in particular but if you're reading this and you want to do it then go ahead! Also leave me your Instgram handle in the comments and I'll be sure to follow you. Happy snapping!

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