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Saturday, 20 September 2014
 Hello everyone! As I'm sure a few of you all know, I've just finished my Freshers week. And what an amazing, excited and unexpected week it was. I just want to say a wee thank you to everyone that wished me good luck on the day that I moved out, the support some of you guys have shown me has just blown me away. I have the best readers! A few days before I moved out I really started to panic and was paranoid that I'd made a mistake and would hate it. But I love it, so so so much. I think I was definitely made for Edinburgh. I'm so grateful to be able to live in and explore such a wonderful city.

So anyway, I was lucky enough to be sent a 'Freshers Essentials Kit' from Stress Free Print. Stress Free Print are an online copy that allow you to print your own posters, leaflets, business cards, you name it! They also have the option to print your own bookmarks which as a book blogger I find so cool! I would make Water Painted Dreams bookmarks but I know no one would want one but me. But if you were a book publisher/reviewer or whatever it would be a great idea, hand out your bookmark rather than a business card. Ok, I'm rambling now! The Freshers Essential Kit contains everything you need for a stress free freshers kit. So I'm going to talk you through everything that was in the kit and how it was helpful to me during Freshers week.

Green Tea - Now I personally don't really like any sort of tea at all. But all of my flatmates love tea. In fact a few of them have been drinking teas in flavours I didn't even know existed. So having this was a nice ice breaker for me. 'Hey I got given some of this green tea but I'm not a fan, do any of your guys want it?'. Although I did get slightly moaned at for not liking tea! In a jokey manner of course. So I guess that's a top tip from me, if you don't like tea, take some any way!

A Student Cook Book - This is The Really Useful Ultimate Student Cookbook by Silvana Franco.  I'd been given a few cook books as leaving presents but this is definitely the cheapest. Despite its small size it's absolutely crammed full of recipes. Some of them look really tasty as well. I like that it doesn't include a load of really overly fancy things that I'm never going to be able to afford like my other ones do.

Belvita Breakfast Biscuits - I've tried these before so I was pretty excited to see these in my box. They're pretty tasty. They make a nice breakfast or the perfect thing to eat sneakily in the back of a 9am lecture. 

£20 WHSmith Voucher - I was pretty blown away to find this in my box, thanks guys! I always bought my stationery there in high school so I'm sure I can put this to good use. I think I'm going to keep it for later on actually. I'm sure in a few months all of my pens will have been stolen/lost  disappeared and I'll be able to stock up on stationery without messing up my budget, Or a new book when I really need a pick me up. There's a WHSmith near Edinburgh's science campus so this is very handy!

First Aid Kit - This little first aid kit includes some plasters, multivitamins and ear plugs. I think these are all pretty self explanitory. Although thankfully I haven't needed the ear plugs yet, I have very nice neighbours. 

USB Stick - This is a really cool memory stick as it's really small and sleek. I've attached it to my lanyard with my flat keys and student ID. That way I know I'll always have it on me! And it's 32GB so I really can't see myself running out of space on this. Result.

What would you put in a Freshers Essential Kit? I'd also include a little door stop as keeping your door open invites other people to come and have a chat with you! 

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