The Little Things

Thursday, 18 September 2014

- When your dog runs in their sleep.
- The sound of rain on a window when you're reading in bed.
- Serving a really polite customer at work.
- Pineapple juice.
- Realising something you wanted to buy anyway is on sale. 
- Sweater weather.
- New bedsheets and freshly washed pjs.
- Crisp Autumn mornings.
- Wearing something new for the first time.
- Meeting someone new and instantly clicking.
- The smell of a new book.
- Fireworks night.
-Sainsbury's raspberry sorbet.
-When someone remembers something small and insignificant about you.
- Fairy lights.
- Chocolate yogurt, or any yogurt for that matter.
- A night in after a few busy nights.
- Getting something for free.
- Edinburgh buses.
- Finally breaking in a pair of shoes.
- Making someone laugh.

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