5 Things I Love About Edinburgh

Saturday, 25 October 2014
Hello everyone! Its been nearly two months since I moved to Edinburgh. Scary stuff! On Wednesday I went on a wee walk around town with my camera to take some photos of my beautiful city. It really made me appreciate how much I love living here and how lucky I am. It inspired me to blog about why I love Edinburgh in case any of my readers are considering visiting and need a little extra inspiration!

It has such a rich history. My hometown was built in the 60s so being able to walk around Edinburgh and see buildings that have been around for hundreds of years is a little surreal. I love walking around on Edinburgh's old cobbled streets and crooked little lanes and knowing that everything has a story.

The food and drink scene. I recently learned from the folk over at Zomato that Edinburgh's restaurants are 80% independently owned and 20% chains. You could eat at a new place every night and not run out for weeks. So many places to try and so many difference cuisines. I love having all of this on my doorstop. And some of the independent restaurants are wonderfully cheap compared to some of the bigger chains. You don't have to have a bottomless wallet to enjoy some good food in this town.

The buses. You can get a bus anywhere in Edinburgh for £1.50 or a student bus pass for £10 a week. So for £10 a week I can get as many buses as I want. My bus pass has definitely became of my most treasured possessions since moving here and it makes it so much easier to get around the city.  And the buses are so frequent! 

It looks beautiful in the winter. The leaves are starting to change and fall. And by the end of November the Christmas markets and big wheel will be up and running. I can't wait! If you've ever been to Edinburgh then you'll know what I mean when I say that it is simply wonderful. I can't wait to get a big nutella crepe at the market and go ice skating!

Our student union looks like Hogwarts. Need I say more?

What is your favourite thing about where you live?

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