Man Crush Monday with New Look

Monday, 13 October 2014
Hello everyone. Happy #mcm, that's Man Crush Monday if you aren't keeping up with the lingo. Today I'm picking out an outfit from New Look's Menswear range for my man crush AKA my boyfriend Stuart as a sponsored post. I'm always nagging at him to let me go shopping with him and pick out an outfit for him. He hates shopping and always says no! But ah ha Stuart, I can do it online! I really like New Look's Menswear range, I think it's really classic and the style of everything is really nice. New Look are one of my favourite high street retailers because they always have nice stuff in and its reasonably priced.

Man Crush Monday with New Look

1. I love these brogues and quite frankly there's nothing more attractive than a man that makes an effort with his appearance. Plus me and my boyfriend have the same shoe size and I really really like these. Is it bad to pick out shoes for your boyfriend with the intention of wearing them yourself? Probably but I don't care.

2. I think this jumper looks really warm and cosy. Perfect now that its getting a bit chilly out. I like the contrasted shoulders as well, I think they add a little extra to the outfit.

3. I was joking around with Stuart the other day and held up a stripey dress of mines up to him and was like 'aww this is what you should wear'. But then I realised that stripes do actually really suit him. So when having a look through the website I spotted this t shirt and thought it was perfect!

4. Its very rare that Stuart wears anything but blue jeans. Lets keep the boy happy.

5. Stuart always wears a really nice fitted coat and I love him for it. You can't say you aren't attracted to a man who wears a nice jacket. I think he'd really like this and its something he'd pick up for himself if he saw it in the shop.

6. And finally a big wooly jumper. Yet another thing I'd love to steal. This looks like it would be so cosy for snuggling up and watching movies with your girlfriend. Ahem. They actually have their Christmas jumpers out already but Stuart really isn't the type to wear one(booooo).

So there you go, those are my picks from the New Look Menswear range! Writing this blog post has opened my eyes to how good a menswear department they have. I'll definitely keep them in mind when it comes to buying Stuart's Christmas. Its actually his birthday today so I'm too late to buy him anything from New Look for his birthday!

And since it's still Man Crush Monday......

Who else is loving the new season of Grey's Anatomy? I am ;)

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