My Venture Photography Experience

Sunday, 19 October 2014
Hello everyone. Today I'm going to be talking about Venture Photography. Venture Photography are an award winning photography company who are based in the UK, the USA and Hong Kong. I was invited along to their Edinburgh studio to try out the family photography experience that they offer in exchange for a review. My mum always goes on about how she really wants professional photos of me and my sister so this was a really nice opportunity.

We were told that we should bring along some props that show off our hobbies. My family and I decided not to bring anything with us however as we were travelling to Edinburgh via train and it was a bit bulky and awkward to bring everything along with us. There are some really great examples of photos taken with props on their website however. I still liked the way our photos turned out just plain anyway! But when we arrived we were really impressed. We were given some drinks and told to look through a book of example photos and point out any we really liked. That way the photographer, Chris, would know more about what we were looking to get from the shoot. 

The shoot itself was really fun. Whilst it does take a little bit of getting used to, it soon becomes a total laugh with your family. Me and my sister especially had a blast taking photos where we were giving each other piggy backs, tickling each other and laughing etc. The shoot lasted for an hour and we definitely had enough time to try out loads of different poses, lightings and outfits.

When we left the studio we were looking around all the pictures on the wall and thinking about the shoot. Imagining what photos would be the best and what we'd get printed and where in the house we'd put it. And then the joy of the Venture Photography experience stopped from us as we were given a price list. I'm just going to put a little disclaimer in here and say that if I had been able to see a price list on Venture Photography's website then I wouldn't have accepted the offer to review their services. The printed photos are all 100s of £s and definitely no where near my price range, or the price range of the people I know. I know that money buys quality and there's no arguing that the finished propducts are beautiful, I just don't think they're worth that much money. Even to get all of the photos from your shoot on an app its £600. You see my point?

So after the photoshoot you have to come back another day for a viewing experience. For this they show you into a room and you sit on some comfy sofas to view them. They dim the lights and play over a slideshow of all the final images. Its kind of like being at the cinema! All of the final images were absolutely beautiful and it was a real struggle to narrow it down to one favourite to have printed but this is the one that I finally chose. Then you order your finished print and it gets ordered into the Venture Studio where you then have to go and pick it up. I personally would have preferred to have it sent directly to me as by this point you've made three trips down to the studio which is quite time consuming. The final print that we got is really lovely, I don't think the photos I've taken of it really do it justice but trust me, its beautiful in person. 

At the end of the day I really enjoyed our photoshoot at Venture Photography and I love our final image. But I can't say that I really recommend it. I just cannot justify the price of it. I don't think I know anyone that has that much money to spare for a photo, maybe its an 'how the other half live' scenario. Don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful to have been provided with this experience in exchange for review but I wouldn't return as a paying customer, I just couldn't afford to. And even though the photo is beautiful and I'll treasure it forever, I also have a ton of old polaroid photos that aren't amazing quality but I treasure them too.

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