Pre-Party Pamper Student Night

Sunday, 5 October 2014
Hello everyone! I was recently invited to the Pre-Party Pamper Student Night at Hair by JFK. The event was at the salon in Bruntsfield but they also have one on South Clerk Street too. The salon offers student discount all year round but also has a loyaly card that allows you to collect 'hair miles' that you can put towards future treatments! 

I had some lovely curls put into my hair at one of their hair bars. I never normally do much with my hair because to be honest, I'm lazy. But I totally fell in love with how it looked. It lasted all night and then the next morning my hair looked really nice albeit not curly! 

We also had some sushi, cake pops and wine to snack away on. Don't have to tell me twice! 

The salon has a really funky and fun vibe to it. Their logo is a zebra with a giant green mohawk and they had loads of zebras around the store. The decor was a lot of read and black and was just overall really sleek and cool. I liked it a lot. They were also doing some nails and make up. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to wear nail polish to work so I couldn't give that ago! 

And the best part? The salon is a dog friendly salon! Not too sure if they'd still be dog friendly after they meet Batdog though, he can be a right cheeky little bugger! They have a little whippet Aella who was so so so cute. She was just cutting about the salon all night and coped really well with how many people were there that night. The salon sells little dog tags to raise money for some dog charties. Totally worthy cause that wins over dog lovers like myself.

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