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Saturday, 11 October 2014
Hello everyone! Today's post is all about some authors that I've discovered recently. These are all authors that I've read books by for the first time during 2014. I'd heard amazing things about all of these authors before reading their books and I totally understood the hype whilst reading their books. These were all books that I flew through and really enjoyed. 

A. S. King - King is an award winning writer and it's easy to see why. I read one of her most popular books, Everybody Sees The Ants, in one night because I just couldn't put it down. She writes about hard issues that effect teenagers. She doesn't sugar coat anything and it's just refreshing and honest. The plot of Everybody Sees The Ants was so developed and all the little details were so significant, it was amazing seeing everything come together. I'm currently reading Ask The Passengers and loving it, she's became one of my favourite authors. 

James Dashner - His books have became so popular with the recent release of The Maze Runner movie and I think it's pretty well deserved. These aren't the most believable books and they are a bit cheesy at times but they create a world which you can just totally escape into. I feel like I'm really in the maze when reading the books which is something so rare now. I have read all the books in the trilogy apart from the prequel and when I've finished that I'll do a full series review. I have a second copy of The Maze Runner so I might be doing a cheeky little giveaway too. Would you guys be interested in that?

Laurie Halse Anderson - I've only read two of her books but I'm already willing to say that Laurie Halse Anderson has became one of my favourite authors of all time. She's written so many amazing books and won a load of awards too. Like A. S. King she writes about really important issues in a real and shocking manner which I think is really important. Whilst some aspects of her books aren't always 'enjoyable' they're certainly well written and thought provoking, I think everyone should read them.

What authors have you discovered this year?

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