Superdrug Mango Copper Burst Hair Dye

Thursday, 9 October 2014
Hello everyone! If you follow me on Instagram then you might have noticed that I've dyed my hair. I done this before I moved out for uni and I'm really pleased with the results. I went for the Super Drug Colour Vibrance hair dye in Mango Copper Burst. I was really attracted to this as its cruelty free. If you've ever tried to look for a cruelty free hair dye then you'll understand how difficult it is to find one! I normally dye my hair with a very bright orange so that it gives it some nice red tones that are really visible in the light. I don't want to prelighten my hair because it's a lot of work. That being said, this is definitely the strongest dye I've used so far and I was really impressed.

As a hair dye it was really easy to use and apply. They also give you two little bottles of conditioner to use aftewards. I did find that for maybe a week after I dyed my hair it would mark my towels a little bit so that's something to keep in mind. It develops in half an hour and was easy enough to wash out of my hair. It did dry my scalp out a bit and I was quite itchy for a while but I got that sorted by using a good conditioner. 

Overall at £4.49 a box I really can't argue. You can buy it online here or instore. I will definitely be using this again.

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