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Tuesday, 7 October 2014
Hello everyone. Saturday marked 4 weeks since I moved into my student flat so I thought that it was about time that I showed you guys around. I was totally panicking before I moved in as I didn't really know what it was going to be like. On the website the flats looked amazing but they uploaded a virtual tour after I applied and the rooms looked like prison cells! Luckily the photos were a lot more accurate and my flat is actually a lot nicer than I expected it to be. Plus the bathroom got done up over the summer and we have some really nice showers!

I got this chevroned bedding from Wilkos and I think it looks amazing on. They also have similar designs in Sainsbury's but I think Wilkos is definitely cheaper. The pillows are from Primark and I think they make it feel a bit more homey.

The blanket is one that I crocheted myself! I'm really proud of it but it took me bloody ages so I'm going to avoid making another one for the near future! I also keep my physics and maths textbooks there because they're so awkward and bulky!

My notice board is one of my favourite parts of my room. I love looking at all the photos and storing my necklaces out on display. I had my photos printed by Boots and I'm really impressed with the price and quality of the prints. Plus it was weirdly cheaper to get them delivered rather than picked up in store. The fairy lights are from Sainsbury's but I've noticed they're on sale now so if you want some really cheap ones then definitely get down there soon, they're about a quarter of the price I paid for them.

I also decorated my wardrobe with a Harry Potter poster and some more photos. Then a cute little washi tape trim. You can never add too much washi tape! I really love how this looks in the corner. Also how much of a babe is my mum in that bottom middle picture? I love it and she hates it.

And then my desk area. This is just where I keep all my commonly used make up/beauty products and pens and stuff. I have some drawers where I store some more stuff too but I'm not going to go through all that because it's a bit boring. I brought all of those books to uni with me but I've only finished one since starting! Ooops. I'm really going to try harder this month to get back into reading because I miss it a lot now that I don't really have the time. I also have no idea why I brought so many DVDs with me as I very rarely watch movies.

Also wanted to include a photo where you can see my Martin Luther King poster because I love it!

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