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Friday, 14 November 2014
Hello everyone! I've recently signed up to Amazon Student* and I thought I'd tell you all about it. As you all know I started university in September studying chemistry and have been taking advantage of student deals/discount ever since. Amazon allow students access to their Prime programme for half price, meaning we pay £39 instead! Seeing as Amazon have now introduced a minimum spend for free delivery(£10 on books!) I think that its the best time to invest in something like this. Here are some of my favourite things about Amazon Student.

Free Next Day Delivery - With Amazon Student you get free next day delivery which is so handy at times. The parcel comes with tracked and signed delivery which means you're guaranteed to get it. I think this is quite handy if you're a student because if you were going home for a few days you could order something with next day delivery and then you'd know for sure you'd get it on time. Also if you choose to have the regular 3-5 day delivery instead you get a £1.00 Kindle book/Amazon video credit. You could totally make this worth your while!

Kindle Owner's Lending Library - With Amazon Student you get to take one book out of the Kindle Owner's lending library a month. This sounds like a pretty sweet deal but I personally found the selection of books on it to be pretty limited. Most of the books on it are romance/crime novels. The sort of books that you can get really cheaply on Kindle anyway. I would be a lot happier with this if they had a wider range of books including some more popular titles.

Prime Instant Videos - Amazon have their own version of Netflix and its actually pretty good. Its has loads of really good movies and tv shows that you can watch. Especially handy as I have a Kindle tablet which means I can watch them all curled up in bed. There's a ton of pretty recent movies on there but also loads of kids ones and Disney ones. So it's also pretty great if you have kids/younger siblings because they can watch them too. Obviously not as well stocked as some other options out there but is much cheaper!

Do you have Amazon Student? What do you think of it?

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