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Tuesday, 4 November 2014
Hello everyone! I went along to the Boot Tribe event at DUO Boots on Castle Street a few weeks ago and I'm finally getting round to blogging about it! DUO are an internatinal brand that specialise in well tailored shoes and boots. The shoes all come in a narrow, regular or wide fit and all the boots come in different calf measurements. This means that you end up with a really well fitting pair of shoes that will last you ages! The price tag is quite high but they're all really high quality and a pair of DUO boots will last you years.

The purpose of the event was all about the Boot Tribe. Duo are running a little 'competition' almost between the 3 types of boots. Ankle, knee high and over the knee. We all got given a little tag and were to attach it to our favourite pair. I personally am a knee high girl but unfortunately we lost. With 55% of Edinburgh bloggers going for the ankle boot. We came in second with 36% and the over the knee boots only got 9%. Poor guys.

The shop has such a lovely lay out and there are so many shoes and boots to look at. I think myself and a lot of other bloggers were really stunned and it took us a long time to pick a favourite. I was going round like 'ohh I like these' 'but these are gorgeous' 'the heel on those is amazing'. You catch my drift. But I finally settled on a pair and I think I made the right choice.

I decided to go for the Gravina pair of boots which I've added a little photo of below. They're kind of like riding boots which I love the style of. Although don't let my little sister know I said that because she's one of those horse obsessed people who are always posting photos of horses on Facebook! Normally I wear a lot of black shoes and boot so I decided to go for something a little out of my comfort zone with this tan leather. I'm still getting used to styling them but I think they look great with tights and a dress. Stay tuned for an OOTD!

Thank you to DUO Boots and Octane PR for a fabulous night and an even better pair of boots!

So what do you think are you an ankle boot, knee high or over the knee boot triber?

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