Sunday, 2 November 2014

OOTD: Autumn Colours

Dress - Forever 21 // Scarf - Dorothy Perkins // Shoes - Barratts // Lipstick - Mac Russian Red(not cruelty free)

Hello everyone! It feels like its been so long since I sat down and wrote a proper chatty blog post. And I finally brought my tripod to my flat so I can take my own OOTD photos. These aren't the best but will hopefully improve over the next few posts. So what have I been doing? Not much really. I've been at uni and working and not much else in between. I have to admit that I'm struggling juggling it all. I think I've maybe bitten off a bit more than I can chew with my new job and its really stressing me out. I've been there since Fresher's week but I'm still struggling to manage my workload from uni with working about 16 hours every weekend. My course is a lot more full on than I thought it would be, 20 hours a week and 12 assigments/assesments to do on top of that every week. I feel like I just go to uni and work. Sorry to go on such a big rant but I feel like I had to get it out. I'm seriously considering quitting and looking into getting another job with less hours or blogging as my part time job? What do you think? I've had a part time job for two years so I think it would go to not working at all.

Anyway. Onto the outfit, this is what I wore to the Duo Boots event a few weeks ago. The event was at their store on Castle Street, It was a great night and I have a beautiful pair of new boots to show you. But I'll have a full blog post about that up later in the week. I bought this dress in the summer with Morag with the intention of wearing it to lectures. Then last week was the first time I actually wore it to a lecture(week 6). I really like it. It was super cheap and the material is really thick considering the price. The only problem is the length, a bit too short sometimes for a tall girl. This scarf is one I've had for ages and its still so soft and cozy. I really like the look of the dress with the scarf. Perfect for autumn!

How have you been lately? And what are your favourite Autumn trends?

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