A Year In Review - 2014

Monday, 29 December 2014
Hello everyone. 2014 is drawing to an end so I'm taking a step back to look at what's happened this year. To be honest, 2014 has been the best and the worst year of my life at the same time. But I've learnt a lot and I'm really looking forwards to 2015. Onwards and upwards.

January - This was a really big month for me. I moved house so that was a lot of stress. It was also really weird because it was the first time I'd ever lived anywhere but the house that I grew up in. I also turned 17 and celebrated by going out for a meal with Stuart at my favourite Chinese restaurant. I also got my advanced higher chemistry project to work for the first time which is what the first photo is of.

February - This is the month where I started my little crocheting business. I started making scarves, hats etc and selling them to people I know. Its been fun and has improved my crocheting skills a lot. I plan on opening an Etsy soon but I have to wait until I turn 18. Apart from that I can't really remember what happened in February, its a bit of a boring month isn't it?

March - In March high school was coming to an end which left me feeling very nostalgic. Although looking back on it now I don't really miss high school at all. Again I don't really remember anything amazing or greatly significant happening this month!

April - This was the month that I left high school which was a really bittersweet moment for me. I didn't expect to get as emotional as I did. I didn't cry at school but when I started walking home I cried the whole way. It was also one of my friends Rachel's 18th which was an amazing night.

May - This was the month of exams. Yay. I probably should have studied a bit harder as I didn't end up getting as good results as I wanted to. Something to learn from however! It was also when my blog got its makeover leaving me with this awesome design.

June - Prom, prom, prom, prom. That was the main focus of the month. And it was the start of what would be a nearly 4 month long summer holiday. Prom was absolutely amazing one of the best nights of my life and I enjoyed every second of it.

July - This was the real summer month of the year for me. The weather was good and I did a lot of reading. I also went on some pretty memorable day trips with friends, including to go and see the Kelpies and having a picnic, both were so much fun!

August - August was a bit of a weird month for me, I guess the end of the summer always is. But I feel like I became a lot more confident with myself and developed a lot more as a person. I also had an amazing trip to the Glasgow Science Centre with my good blogging pal Morag.

September - This was probably the biggest month of the year for me. I moved out into universtiy accomodation, started university and quit my old job and started a new one. All of this really helped me grow as a person. As difficult as it all was, I am grateful for the experience.

October - There's no nice way to put it. October was a shite month for me. I hated my new job and I was working so much I hardly got to go home and see my family/friends and I didn't have much time to see my friends from uni either. I was having a really bad time and I spent most of my time feeling sad and alone.

November - Things started to pick up a little bit for me this month. But I was still hating my job which led to me eventually quitting in December. I started going home on Tuesday's as I finish uni at 1 which made me feel a lot better. Stuart and I also celebrated our 3 year anniversary.

December - I quit my job and finished all my exams which was a welcomed break after all the stress of my first semester at uni. I still enjoyed myself but I am definitely going to make more of the next semester. I had a lovely Christmas and I am now here writing this blogpost!

How was your year?

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