Blogging Sleepover with Debenhams

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Hello everyone! I was recently contacted on behalf of Debenhams asking if I'd like to host a blogging sleepover. Um, yes please?!!?! So I invited my best blogging buddy Charlotte(who is very close to her goal of 1000 followers by the way ;) )across to Livingston for the weekend so that we could have a blogging night of fun complete with onsies, chocolates and my faithful chocolate Labrador. 

We were sent a big massive box of goodies that contained so many amazing surprises. We had both chosen onsies, I went for this onsie* and Charlotte went for this adorably fluffy one*, so I wasn't really expecting much else. When I opened the box I was blown away by how many lovely things were in the box. We were treated to some Thornton's chocolates, Border biscuits, candles, a hot chocolate set, nail polishes and teapots to name a few things, all available from the Debenhams website or in store.

The first thing that we done when we got into my house was ordered dinner. We were both starving and it definitely hit the spot. After that we nibbled on some of our chocolates and then sat down to take part in the #lbloggers chat whilst painting our nails. After the blogging chat we took a wee break to have some hot chocolates. There was orange hot chocolate in the set which we both really fancied. So we made two mugs of that topped with marshmallows and whipped cream, so tasty! Then we joined the tail end of #bbloggers chat with some biscuits and hot chocolate. After that we just chilled out and watched Angus Thongs And Perfect Snogging, which is 10x more cringey than I remember it being.

Overall we had a lovely night so a big thanks to Debenhams! If you're stuck for Christmas gifts this year, be sure to check out their Christmas gifts.

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