Crochet Pattern: Chunky Infinity Scarf

Friday, 19 December 2014
Hello everyone! Today I've got a quick and easy crochet pattern to share with you all. This one would be great if you are a beginner to crocheting as you don't need to know any complicated stitches and it will take you less than an hour. I think that chunky wool is a great thing to use when you're learning to crochet as it works up much faster than double knitting which allows you to gain confidence and even if you do make mistakes, its much easier to spot them. I really want to bring more crocheting to my blog because its something that I really enjoy and am passionate about.

You will need:
200g of chunky wool. I used Patons Fab Big in Mustard and Rust Orange.
10.00 mm crochet hook
Wool Needle 

Row 1: Create a slip knot on your hook and then chain 10.
Row 2: Double crochet into the third chain from the hook. Then double crochet into each chain.
Row 3: Chain two and then double crochet into each stitch.
Rows 4 - 52: Repeat row 3, 48 times. 
Row 53: Sew the ends of the scarf together to create a loop. Then weave in your ends.

Enjoy your scarf!

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