Tuesday, 9 December 2014

OOTD: Village Wanderings

 Jacket - Tu at Sainsbury's // Dress - BooHoo // Scarf - Dorothy Perkins // Boots - DUO*

Hello everyone. We've got a nice wee OOTD on the blog today. I really miss doing OOTDs. When I lived at home I always had my sister on hand to take some photos for me. When I'm at uni I only have my tripod. Which I've still not mastered. I don't want to take my tripod outside to take photos and I haven't asked any of my friends to take photos for me as I find it a little bit embarrassing. Also I know one of my uni friends really likes my blog(Imogen fancy taking photos for me?). Anyway! These are some photos that Charlotte took for me when she was staying at my house last week for our sleepover. That girl is a whizz with a camera.

This is my current winter jacket and I love it so much. I bought it when they were having a 25% off all clothing offer(which they have quite a lot). So I got it for £30 instead of £40. Great deal. Sainsburys is where I do most of my food shopping so I like going in for a wander around their clothing department before I get started. I mentioned in another OOTD that these boots where hurting me. I've had them for over a month now and they still rub my feet in awkward places. Its ok if I wear them for a short amount of time but anything longer than 4 hours is my limit. So I can't wear them for a full day of uni which sucks. Not very impressive seeing how expensive they're supposed to be!

Anyway, speaking of university today is my first exam. This is a scheduled post and when it goes live I will have half an hour left of my three hour maths exam. Fun fun fun. Wish me luck. I have another exam on Thursday(Chemistry) and then another next Wednesday(Physics) and then I'll finally be finished for Christmas. 

Hope you are all having a good week!
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