Orla Kiely Mini Reed Diffuser Giftset

Sunday, 21 December 2014
Now I have to admit, I'm a candle person. I love watching the wax melt away and release lots of lovely scents into the room. So imagine my disappointment when I discovered that candles aren't allowed in my university accommodation. I've found the perfect thing. The Orla Kiely Mini Reed Diffusers Gift Set* is a lovely limited edition gift set containing three 30ml reed diffusers. The three scents are Earl Grey, Primrose and Bergamot and Fig Tree. At this time of the year a lot of people are going for heavy, spicy fragrances but these are lovely and clean. I just love how fresh they make my room smell, I think my favourite so far is earl grey.

So what exactly is a reed diffuser and how does it work? Reed diffusers consist of a little bit of scented oil in a glass jar. When you place some reeds into the oil, the oil diffuses up the reed because it a very porous material and then the scent is released into the air. These are ideal for people like me who like the scents of candles but can't burn them. Also because they require no flame they would be ideal for offices, homes with young children, shops etc. Whilst they are small, they have a very good scent throw and one of these will last you absolutely ages. 

This gift set would be a lovely thing to pass on to a friend/family member. I know I would have really appreciated one under my tree. And in case you think your loved one would prefer a candle, they have a little candle gift set that contains 6 mini candles. Both gift sets retail at £26 and can be found at John Lewis, Fenwicks or online at orlakiely.com.

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