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The Christmas Traditions Tag

Hello everyone! I was tagged by my good friend Beth to do the Christmas Traditions tag. Its a fun tag with loads of Christmas themed questions to get us all in the holiday spirit. I'm one exam down and two to go so I'm 1/3 of the way to Christmas. I can't wait to finish my final exam and get the next train home to Livingston!

1. When does Christmas start for you?
I hate to be one of those grinches but I have a 'not until December rule' although I probably listen to Fairy Tale Of New York a few times in November. This year I've been focusing on exams so I won't really be getting to Christmas-y until they're over.

2. What is one Christmas movie you have to watch?
I've never actually seen most Christmas films! I'm not really a movie person to be honest. I do love Elf and Bad Santa, both very different movies! I always watch Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone at Christmas. I really love the bit where Harry goes "we've got presents?!" and then runs down the stairs.

3. Do you bake or buy a Christmas cake?
My mum used to bake one but to be honest none of us were ever that keen on it. We just sort of ate it because we felt like it was what you were supposed to eat. Now we just have another pudding instead.

4. When do you put up your Christmas tree?
Sometime in early December, we don't really have a specific date.

5. Do you have a real or fake Christmas tree?
We used to have a plastic tree and then my mum started buying real ones but we eventually switched back to a fake tree again. I know everyone loves real trees but I don't think they look as nice plus ours ALWAYS fell over at least twice.

6. When do you start playing Christmas music?
I don't really play Christmas music to be honest but I do enjoy listening to it in the shops/in the car.

7. Do you use the same Christmas decorations every year or buy new ones?
When we switched to real trees my mum bought a new set of decorations because she wanted a blue/silver theme(which I hate!). We still have the old ones and my sister and I use them when we set up mini trees in our bedroom.

8. How do you spend Christmas Eve? 
We don't really have any traditions that we do every year. Sometimes we go and get a Chinese and some times we go to my gran's house. Depends what everyone is doing that year. I normally swap gifts with Stuart on Christmas Eve as we never see each other on Christmas day.

9. Advent calendar or no advent calendar?
Definitely advent calendar! I usually have a chocolate one but this year I have one from PartyLite. It has 12 different scents in it and each day you get a tea light. Their tea lights burn for a lot longer than regular ones do. I think its much better than the Yankee Candle ones as they only have 6 scents. 

10. Do you leave a snack out for Santa and his reindeer?
We normally do but I'm a little worried about my dog stealing it this year. Normally he doesn't steal food but he's on a diet at the moment so is scrounging a lot more than usual. Poor Batdog.

11. How does Santa get into your house?
He throws a magic snowball at the door to unlock it.What do you mean its not snowing?

12. Mince pies, yay or nay?
Hell yes. I avoided them for years because I was under the impression there was actual beef mince in them. I lack common sense. But now that I've discovered that's a joke, I'm a big fan. Here's a blog post I wrote about some I made last year.

13. Snowballs, egg nog or mulled wine?
I'm not a massive fan of any of these but if I had to choose I'd go for a snowball.

14. What scents remind you of Christmas?
The smell of warm mine pies, cinnamon and Christmassy candles!

15. How do you spend Christmas day?
We wake up and then have breakfast whilst opening presents. After that my dad picks me and my sister up and we go to my grandparents. Then we swap presents with all them and have a second breakfast(hey its Christmas). Then we come back and my other gran comes over to our house and we have Christmas dinner, then chill out.

I tag anyone who wants to do this tag and I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas.

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