Top 5 Wintery Nail Polishes

Sunday, 14 December 2014
Hello everyone! Today I'm going to be talking about some of my favourite wintery nail polishes. I have to admit that I've gone off nail polish a bit as of late but I'm sure I'll wear each of these at some point over the festive season. I think its just because I'm not allowed to wear nail polish at work, I hate putting it on knowing I have to take it off really soon. Plus I always seem to get the urge to paint my nails just before I go to bed even though I know it won't dry propely and it I'll get fabric print on my nail polish. First world problems! Anyway, these are my favourite wintery nail polishes.

Paprika by Barry M - This is a new addition to my collection this winter and I am absolutely in love with it. Its the perfect browny-orange colour. I'm one of those ridiculously pale girls(which I do try to embrace) and I feel it really compliments my skin tone. The Gelly Hi-Shine polishes from Barry M and 10x better than their regular range if you ask me, definitely worth the investment. This was part of their a/w collection and I would love all the colours.

Absinthe by Model's Own - Would you look at this one! Isn't it just the most perfect glitter polish? Absolute pain to remove mind you. I absolutely love the kind of matte but sparkly nails. It means that you don't get glitter everywhere, perfectly smooth finish. I also really love the velvet lid on the bottle as its part of the Velvet Goth collection. This would be perfect for a Christmas/New Years Eve party!

Dusky Mauve by Barry M - Whilst I am not a massive fan of the regular Barry M nail polishes, I am willing to make an exception for such a gorgeous nail polish. Dusky mauve is a beautiful mauve shade with finely milled lilac iridescent shimmer through out it. It looks absolutely beautiful in the winter sunshine.

Red Lustre by Model's Own - You can't beat a red at Christmas time! I think this is just the perfect red nail polish to wear along side some red lipstick. Its just a classic. It also looks amazing underneath glitter so I really recommend it. The Model's Own Hypergel range is such good quality! I also like that it gives off the slightly raised nail feeling that a real gel manicure does.

Siberian Nights by OPI(not cf) - Ok so this one isn't from a cruelty free brand(I'm sorry I'm sorry) but I have had this one for years and I love it. Siberian Nights is just the perfect dark purple. Infact it looks almost black at times. You really can't fault OPI on their quality, I could wear this for a week and it wouldn't chip.

What are your favourite nail polishes at the moment?

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