3 Years of Blogging - What I've Learnt

Wednesday, 28 January 2015
Today celebrates my 3 year blogging birthday! 3 years ago, little 15 year old Hayley sat down and wrote her first blog post. And it was embarrassingly bad. Like seriously, what what was I thinking? But my blog has grown so much since then and has become something I am extremely proud of. It has given me so many amazing opportunities and I've made some great friends through blogging. I wanted to have some really exciting blog posts in the line up for my blogging birthday but to be honest, I am so busy at the moment that that just hasn't happened. So I thought that instead I would share some of the lessons I have learnt through blogging.

Batdog cake made lovingly by Imogen Christopher

When it comes to readers, quality over quantity - Over time I've really began to appreciate my regular readers. The ones who comment on most of my posts with insightful comments. The ones who favourite/RT my tweets and the ones that I chat to regularly. At the moment I'm struggling to manage replying to all my comments because I've started to get a lot more, but I always try to make people aware that I am grateful they took the time to comment. I'd rather have 10 readers like that than 100 who click the follow button and never return.

There is no 'snowball effect' - When I started blogging I was under the impression that once I reached a certain number of followers that I wouldn't need to work as hard to promote my blog as it would 'snowball' and gain more followers quicker. Nope. Definitely not. In actual fact, I think I have to work harder than ever to promote my blog.

Life gets in the way sometimes and that's ok - Once you really get into blogging it can sometimes take over. When you're out and about you think to yourself 'oh could I blog about this?'. Its important to take some time off every now and again. To step back. Blogging is really fun but unless its your full time job, it shouldn't be the most important thing to you.

You can make the best friends from blogging - When I started blogging I never imagined that I would eventually end up meeting other bloggers in person. And that these bloggers would become some of my best friends. And that we would meet up, go for dinner and even have sleepovers. I am so glad that I started my blog or I never would have met such wonderful people!

People won't think of you as weird if you tell them about your blog - When I first started my blog, I was terrified to tell people I knew about it because I was embarrassed that they would think it was weird. Its the complete opposite! My family and boyfriend are all very supportive and most of my friends are now readers themselves. So if you're a blogger who's worried about telling people, you have nothing to be worried about. Yeah I'm sure there are a few people I know that don't like my blog but none of them have ever said anything nasty to me about it.

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