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Monday, 12 January 2015
I've never really been one of those girls who loves Disney films. Everyone always says that they were such a big part of their childhoods but to be honest, I didn't watch many of them as a kid. In fact, I only saw The Lion King for the first time when I was 16(and I didn't cry). I also watched Frozen for the first time on Boxing Day and I hated it. Anna annoyed me so much, I find it so hard to understand why everyone likes her so much! So anyway, me and Disney movies do not mix as well as they do with everyone else. But I do have a few favourites. And since getting Netflix again, I've been watching a few oldies and discovering some new ones. So I thought I'd share some of my favourites with you!

101 Dalmatians - This has been my favourite since I was a little kid, it cracks me up so much. I love how at the beginning you hear a voice and you think that its the owner talking about how he has to look after his dog but its actually the dog talking about how he has to look after his owner. My dog would totally speak like that if he could talk. Actually, is it really that much of a surprise that I love this film so much seeing as I love dogs so much? Probably not! The 'human' version of this was the first film I saw in the cinema and I cried. When Cruella got baked in a cake. Because no matter how nasty someone is, baking them into a cake is not ok.

The Rescuers - Again, another one from my childhood. Although I don't think this one was ever as popular as some of the bigger ones. This is about two mice who work as 'rescuers' for those in need. This time they are trying to find a little girl who was kidnapped. This was really funny and whilst its an oldie(made in 1977) its still a great movie and I really enjoyed it. They made a sequel, The Rescuers Down Under, which I wasn't a massive fan of but its still good!

Brave - This is the only 'new' film on my list. I'm Scottish and to be honest when I heard that Disney were making a film set in Scotland I was dreading it because I didn't think they'd do a great job. But, I have to eat my words because I loved this one. Even though there are some inaccuracies I still enjoyed it. I really love the music in this one and the costumes. And another plus, its one of the very few Disney princess movies that isn't about falling in love!

Mulan - I watched this one for the first time before Christmas and I instantly fell in love. I would maybe even go as far as to say that this is my favourite of the lot. Its about a young girl who takes her elderly father's place in the army when one male from each family is called to war. She pretends to be a man and trains to help defend China. This movie was quite short but really interesting. The music was awesome, especially 'I'll Make A Man Out Of You'. There is a Mulan 2 which I watched on Saturday and I really enjoyed that too!

What are your favourite Disney movies? And what do you think of these ones?

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