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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Sunday: I found out at 1:30am that I had passed my maths for science and engineering module with 73% booyah! I really struggled with maths in my last year of high school so to get an A in my first semester of uni is an amazing feeling.

Monday: A very kind lady in Scotmid telling me that me and my friends were all very beautiful and that we had nice jackets. My friends were waiting for me by the door whilst I was paying so it was a bit awkward as I was by myself but it was really sweet.

Tuesday: My 3 hours lab sessions that starts at 9am on a Tuesday don't begin until the second week of the semester. So that meant that I got to have a lie in. During the first semester I had 9ams every morning so a lie in is very rare!

Wednesday: I went out for a meal with my flatmates, its not often that we are all together at once so that was really nice. We went to Nandos which is pretty predictable but one of my flatmates works there so we got 40% off our food. Result!

Thursday: I bought my German textbook today and whilst I was in the store I found out that I could sell my physics textbook back to the store. I've been trying to sell it for a while and no one was interested so finding out I can sell it back to the store for 40% store credit is a relief. 

Friday: Started my new job! Safe to say it is much much better than my fast food job. Not as stressful and better paid. Plus we had a chippy for dinner afterwards. Nom.

Saturday: On Saturday night I went out to my friend Sarah's mum's 50th birthday party. We had a really nice night!

What have you enjoyed this week? 

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