Review: Lush candy Mountain

Thursday, 8 January 2015
Candy Mountain is a bubble bar that returns to Lush every Christmas. Despite it being recommended to me every year, I had never tried it until I received it as a Christmas present. The bubble bar has a very sweet candy scent, more commonly known as 'snow fairy scent' by keen Lush fans. It contains a little bit of glitter and crumbles away under the tap to give a sweet, baby pink bath full of bubbles.

I really wish that I had stocked up on this bubble bar over the Christmas period because oh my god, best bath ever. The scent was perfect, not too weak but not too strong. After using this bath bomb, I just felt so relaxed. Normally I go for bath bombs over the bubble bars, I've just found that they have a wider range and I like the scents more but I'd forgotten how nice it is to have some bubbles in your bath. Next Christmas I am definitely getting another one!

What are your favourites from the Christmas range at Lush?

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