What Makes Me Unfollow A Blog?

Saturday, 10 January 2015
Hello everyone. Today I'm writing what may seem like a bit of a controversial blog post: what makes me unfollow a blog? Unfollowing is something that we all do, it happens to us all and yet we never talk about it. I'll notice my BlogLovin' follower count drop by one or two occasionally and sometimes it feels like a blow. But at the same time, I would rather that someone who doesn't enjoy my blog leaves rather than stays and gives me the false impression that I have x amount of happy followers. This blog isn't meant to be negative in any way and if any of these apply to you I'm sorry if it offends you. But when I asked if people would like to see a blog post like this a lot of people said yes, its clearly an interesting topic!

If someone is always getting into arguments on Twitter. Normally when I follow a blog I will also follow the blogger on Instagram and Twitter. But to me there's nothing worse than someone that will argue with anyone about anything. I can understand the occasional argument(I'm sure I've argued on Twitter before too) but you know how some people just seem to always have an argument on the go? That just really puts me off a blogger so even if their blog is great, I'll be giving them an unfollow.

Automatic music. You know when people have something set up on their blog so that as soon as it opens a page it starts playing music? This is just something that grates down on me and eventually I'll probably end up unfollowing. I know it seems petty but I normally watch YT videos/Netflix when reading blogs so when other music starts playing, its really distracting.

I don't feel like I get anything back from your blog. I'm a pretty dedicated blog reader. When I have the time, I'll go through my BlogLovin' feed and comment on every blog post there. So I'll normally comment on every blog post that's there. So if a blogger never replies to my comments, never replies to my tweets etc. Then to be honest I'll get a bit fed up. Yes I like their blogs but I'm sure there are other good blogs out there too. Obviously with larger blogs the volume of comments can be hard to keep up with but when smaller blogs don't reply to comments I find it a bit rude.

Change of topic. There are a few blogs that I started following that have since changed what they really blog about. A few have turned into parenting blogs after the blogger has a kid. And that's great for them but as a 17 year old girl I'm not interested. I'm happy for them, its just not something I want to read anymore.

I don't feel like I can trust their reviews. Have you ever seen a blogger review a product and then seen it in a blog sale a few weeks later 'just swatched'? Well they're either lying in the review, or lying in the blog sale so I find it hard to trust what they say. There are so many beauty blogs out there so why would I rely on one that I can't trust?

Have you ever unfollowed a blog and if you have, why?

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