Book Review: A Fish Out Of Water

Thursday, 26 February 2015
Hello everyone. Today I'm reviewing a book I read recently, I think that its one of the best books that I've read this year! A Fish Out Of Water by Natalie Whipple* is about a young Japanese-American girl. She has her summer all sorted. She works in a pet shop and has an internship set up at a famous aquarium. One day her grandmother who she has never met shows up. She's never met her grandmother because she did not agree with her parent's 'mixed' marriage and she is a big old racist. But she now has Alzheimers and there's no one else to care for her.

I really enjoyed this book because the story isn't really like anything else I've ever read in a young adult novel before. I've read a lot of books and there's nothing worse than when a book reminds you of another one. Also I used to work in an aquatic pet shop so it also made me laugh a lot. The opening scene involved her telling a customer that a tank was not big enough for a goldfish and then the customer ignoring her and then buying the tank, three goldfish and no water conditioner. THAT WAS MY LIFE FOR TWO YEARS! The main character just got me!

As it was a YA novel there was also a bit of romance. The nephew of her boss starts working in the store and its Mika's job to show him the ropes. At first she can't stand him and his bad boy attitude but after a while she starts to feel like she can see a good person coming through. Whilst romance in YA can be a bit crap the main character here is a really strong, independent girl and I really liked the way that she handled things!

Overall I really enjoyed A Fish Out Of Water. Its definitely my favourite book of the month, and maybe even of the year. I am excited to read something else by Natalie Whipple. 5/5 stars.

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