Orla Kiely Cosmetic Wash Bag

Thursday, 12 February 2015
Hello everyone! How are you all doing? I've had such a busy week this week, so excited for a week off soon! Today I'm blogging about this lovely wash bag from Orla Kiely. This is the pink and blue floating flower design in the cosmetic size. They also do two bigger sizes, medium and large, which look like they'd be amazing for travelling. I live in Edinburgh for university but travel home at the weekends for work. It isn't the most ideal situation but at the moment its working for me. That means that I do a lot of packing and moving around. I don't often take a lot of make up home with me but I like to take some home with me if I have plans to meet friends etc. I keep my every day make up in a make up bag on my desk but I don't take that whole bag with me. There are a lot of things in there that I use but wouldn't consider essential.

So on Fridays I'll put my essential make up into this bag then pack it in my back pack. I find this to be a lot easier and its generally a lot lighter. I also take my washing home with me so that I don't have to pay to use the machines at uni so the less space my make up takes up, the more space I have in my bag. I really like Orla Kiely's designs, I think they're very simple but they stand out and are so bold at the same time. The bag is very well made and you can tell that they've used high quality materials. Even the inside is so soft and lovely. Its also oilcloth so if you spill anything on it then its so easy to clean and wipe off! I am capable of getting eyeliner everywhere.

The cosmetic wash bag is £20 and can be found at John Lewis or the Orla Kiely website. 

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