Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Spring/Summer 2015 Wishlist

Spring 2015 Wishlist

Dungarees // Crocheted Dress // Denim Dress // Purse // Scalloped Top // Joggers //

1. I have a pair of short dungarees and I love wearing them. The reality of it is that Scotland isn't exactly the warmest country in the world. Even in the sprin/summer I still don't really like to wear shorts that often. So having a long pair would be really great. I also like the darker denim, my other pair are really light washed!

2. How awesome is this crocheted dress? I could probably make it myself but it would probably take a long time. So I'm happy to settle for Forever 21's offering! Mustard yellow is also definitely a colour that I think suits me. I think this is good to wear in the UK because it will be hot, but not enough to give you some really weird tan lines!

3. Another dress from Forever 21, they are really killing it this season. I think a little shopping trip to Glasgow is in order soon! I really like the combination of the denim with the aztec print. It would be perfect for lounging about in on a sunny day.

4. I really like this scalloped top. Pink isn't really a colour I wear a lot so it would be nice to mix things up a lot. It also looks like it would be really light and flowy. And look good with the dungarees. See what I did there.

5. My current purse is starting to look a bit crap. Its a bright pink/coral colour which looked amazing to begin with but after bumping around in my bag for a while, it is starting to look more brown and gross around the edges. Whilst this one does have some white on it, it is a lot darker in general!

6. I always have to treat myself to a new nail polish when Barry M bring out a new collection. They're really good value for money and their colours are always stunning. Plus they're a cruelty free brand. What's not to love?

7. I don't know if I'd actually have the balls to wear these out of the house but how awesome are these trousers. They look so comfy. Even if I only wore them around the house I'd be so happy to own these.

What have you got your eyes on this season?

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