Book Review: Under My Skin

Friday, 20 March 2015
Hello everyone, today I'm going to be reviewing a new book. Under by Skin by James Dawson* is a new YA book that was published by Hot Key Books at the start of the month. In this book a young girl called Sally finds herself getting a tattoo. Its is really out of character, she's very quiet and always follows the rules. She goes into a tattoo parlour whilst getting chased by a homeless man and finds herself drawn to a pin up girl, Molly Sue. After getting the tattoo she realises that she can see it speaking and moving. At first Molly Sue becomes a great help, she gives Sally more confidence and tips on hair and fashion that help her become more popular but after a while Sally starts to feel like she's taking over. 

This is a really interesting premise for a book but there were parts of it that I felt unsure about. The scene where Sally actually got the tattoo just didn't sit right with me. Sally was very easily swayed into getting a tatoo even though she really wasn't the type. She has really strict parents and always seems to follow the rules. Plus she's 17. So it was just a bit weird. 

Despite that, I did really enjoy this book. The characters were all really interesting and well written, I also think Dawson done a really good job of showing what high school is really like. Sally and her friends are big fans of a TV show called Satanville and it was really funny to see them talking about their OTPs. It was so realistic of what teenagers are like today. After I started reading this I really didn't want to put it down. The writing style was so addictive which lead to a really quick read. Overall I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it!

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