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Thursday, 5 March 2015
Hello everyone! And welcome to my first post of March, how quickly is this year going already?! Sorry for being a bit AWOL on the blogging recently, uni has really been taking up a lot of my time! But today I'm going to be talking about my beautiful new pair of glasses. These are the Presley glasses from London Retro*. I've been a big fan of London Retro's glasses for a while so I was really happy to get the chance to try out a pair. They're from Glasses Direct who are an online glasses retailer who specialise in designer specs, including Ray-Ban glasses. You may remember them from this post about my home trial. The Presleys were everyone's glasses by far, thank you to everyone who gave me an opinion!

I'm a really big fan of cat eye style glasses and I think that's what really drew me to these glasses. I always used to buy black frames but when I bought my last pair of glasses I realised that slighlty lighter glasses are a lot softer and nicer on my face. I like that these are still quite dark but the tortoise shell softens the frames quite a bit. The quality of the case is really nice too. It would also make a great sunglasses case as well. All of the London Retro frames can be made into sunglasses as well. I think I might treat myself to a pair of prescription sunglasses this summer as I always feel like an idiot wearing proper sunglasses on top of my regular pair! 

Overall I'm really impressed with Glasses Direct and the quality of my London Retro frames. I ordered my home trial on a Thursday afternoon and it arrived on the Saturday afternoon. My glasses came a few days after I ordered them as well. The glasses retail for £125 which I think is pretty decent for a high quality pair of prescription glasses. I bought a really cheap pair once from Firmoo and I genuinely think they worsened my eye sight. I promised myself after that, that I would never go cheap on my eyes! I have no regrets with this pair!

You'll see a photo of these on in an upcoming OOTD. But if you want a sneak peek before that then be sure to check out my Instagram.

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