Monday, 30 March 2015

Steak On Stones Edinburgh

Hello everyone, got a fairly exciting blog post on the cards today! On Thursday night me and one of my good friends from uni went down to Steak On Stones to sample their new menu*. Steak on Stones has just opened and is the little sister restaurant to Steak and Beer and Skittles, two existing restaurants at 14 Picardy Place. The concept is pretty simple, they bring out a hot lava stone and allow you to cook your own meat at the table. This means that you can have it exactly how you like it, nothing worse than when you order a steak and it comes undercooked/overcooked to how you like it!

We started off with the only starter they really have which is some pretty great bread. The bread is baked with clarified butter in the bottom of the loaf tin so that it absorbs into bread as it cooks. It was seriously tasty and the photos really don't do it justice! Then we moved onto the main event: we ordered 200g of steak each, a portion of fries, a portion of the creamed leeks, peas and bacon and peppercorn and wasabi hollandaise sauces. We also had some cheeky wee gin and lemonades too. I like steak but this was like nothing I've ever had before. Like it was amazing, I don't really have the words to describe how good the steak was! The chips were really good and the veggies were so tasty. And I'm not a massive veggie person to be entirely truthful. 

We followed up with some doughnuts. OH MY GOD. Best doughnuts I've ever had. Home fried and then piped with a filling of your choice. Jam, apple, custard or fudge. We went for custard and fudge. Both were amazing but I think I preferred the fudge one. The custard was quite runny but still really nice. Overall a really great meal. One thing that did bug me a little though. I knew that I was coming to get a meal for free to review. But I knew that we would be paying for our drinks. We asked for gin and lemonades and some water. But we were charged for the water and I wasn't expecting that. I know its a posh restaurant but I think that £12.00 for two gin and lemonades and some water is a bit dear and out of my price range. I know it seems like a silly thing to complain about when we got such a big meal for free but if I was a paying customer I would be annoyed at being charged for water!

In conclusion, we really enjoyed our meal at Steak On Stones. It was a dining experience like no other. It is quite expensive compared to what I usually spend on a meal out but I think the food was worth it and it would be a real treat to go.

When did you last have a posh meal out?

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