Wings - Edinburgh

Wednesday, 18 March 2015
Hello everyone! Today I'm doing a quick write up about a restaurant I went to with my friends last week. Situated in Old Fishmarket Close, Wings is one of those places that I'd never passed and had never really thought about going to. One of my friends is a big fan however, so we made some plans to go down and check it out. Their menu is pretty simple, chicken wings, lots and lots of chicken wings. They have bowls of 6 wings for £3.50 and over 50 flavours of sauce to chose from. As a side you can pick a bowl of chips or fried tortilla strips to dip in your leftover sauce.

I was kind of apprehensive about going because I wasn't sure if the food would be really samey but I was really impressed. We ordered 4 bowls between the 3 of us but 3 would really be enough. We ordered Schticky Wings(soy bbq), Oh Canada(maple bbq), French Bee(honey garlic) and Disco Wingferno(siracha chipotle). They were all really good but I think my favourites were schticky wings and I would definitely eat a whole bowl to myself! I also had a side of the fried tortilla strips which were pretty tasty too. Big thumbs up from me.

The atmosphere in Wings is something I've never really experienced in a restaurant before. It reminds me of studenty pubs. They have a ton of geeky decor, board games and some tables even have Play Stations. It is pretty awesome! The dishes all come in paper plates and there are buckets on the tables for you to put your bones into. It has a really chill, no fuss vibe that makes it perfect for just hanging out in with friends. I'll definitely be back.

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