Crocheted Mr Methane

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Hello everyone. Today I've got a quick blog post about something awesome that I crocheted recently. And no, it wasn't an elephant! My friend asked me if I could make her a 'Mr Methane' from this pattern here if she bought the pattern for me. Now I'm a massive chemistry geek so that's a request I really can't say no to! I used a 3mm hook for this because its what I use for all my amigurumis. Also I just don't have a 3.75mm hook that the pattern recommends. And my safety eyes were 9mm instead of 6mm. I think it came out wonderfully if I do say so myself. I know it probably seems like such a weird thing if you aren't into science, when I showed my mum and gran they were just like 'what?'. But I think the response I got on Instagram shows that some other people enjoyed it too!

From start to finish the whole thing probably took me about two hours. I'm pretty pleased with that seeing as the elephants take me about six hours! The pattern was very clear and easy to follow which is always nice. I think the Etsy seller has some finished products for sale as well but is currently in the process of moving so isn't selling them at the moment. Unfortunately the pattern explicitly states that you aren't allowed to sell the finished product made from that pattern. That's what puts me off buying crochet patterns as obviously I sell what I make. I was more than happy to make one for my friend because she had bought the pattern and I'll probably end up making one for myself as well. But I personally wouldn't buy a pattern if I couldn't sell the finish product!

What do you think of Mr Methane, do you think he's cool or just overly geeky?

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