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Saturday, 11 April 2015
Hello everyone! I've been itching to try out a Five Guys burger. I always see a load of photos of these awesome burger places on other blogs and they always leave me drooling. When I heard Five Guys were opening in Edinburgh I was really excited, but then I realised it was at Fort Kinnaird and that I would have to get a bus there and back. Me and a few friends had been saying for a while 'lets go to Five Guys' but we never did. So when I was in Glasgow with my boyfriend last week we decided to go into their Glasgow Branch on St Vincent Street. The store is massive and consists of 3 floors! We found that the ground floor was playing music way too loudly so we decided to take a seat on the top floor. It was a lot quieter up there! The decor is just typical fast food placey, but the chairs and everything were perfectly comfy!

Now onto the burgers! I ordered a baby bacon cheeseburger with lettuce, Stuart ordered a cheesburger with lettuce, bbq sauce and griddled onions. I can be a bit of a picky eater so I normally end up avoiding burgers on menus because they'll have something I don't like(normally ketchup, ketchup is awful) and I don't want to be awkward and ask them to change things for me. So the idea of being able to completely customise my burger is great. Also for the record a baby burger contains one burger and the regulars contain two! We also each got a small portion of fries each, we got both a normal fries and some cajun fries so that we could try both. They also do fizzy drinks with free refills. They have a machine that basiccally has all the drinks you could think of and then you can add other flavours into them. I had peach flavoured sprite and it was lovely.

Onto the food itself. Oh my, absolutely amazing! The burger was definitely the best burger I've ever had. You know when you were little and McDonald's food tasted amazing but now that you're older you can see that the food is mediocre at best and makes you feel crap after you've eaten it? Five Guys has everything that McDonald's lacks. I especially loved the bacon in my burger, it was so crispy and really flavourful. We both enjoyed the fries but personally found the cajun fries to be a bit over seasoned. The portion sizes on the fries were a bit much. We really could have done with a small portion just to share! They fill up the polystrene cup, throw those chips in the bag and then fill up the cup again! The meal was a bit expensive, it cost us £25 for what was effectively a fast food meal but it was amazing and probably the best meal we had in Glasgow over the weekend. I would definitely go back!

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