Isle Of Arran Day 1

Monday, 20 April 2015

Hello everyone! Hope you are all having an alright Monday! If you follow me on Instagram then you'll know that I've just returned home from a trip to the Isle of Arran. Arran has a lot of memories for me. I used to go there a lot  with my grandparents and my cousin for holidays when we were wee. It eventually became the place where the entire family went on holidays. When my grandad passed away, we knew it would be where we would scatter his ashes. So I'm sure that you can understand that Arran is a very special place for me and my family. It had been a while since we last went so we were all really excited to go. We had an amazing trip and visited so much more of the island than usual.

Arran is an island off the west coast of Scotland. It lies between the mainland and the Mull of Kintrye. We got a ferry from Ardrossan to Brodick, the main village on the island. We then drove over to Blackwaterfoot. This is where we always stay! We stayed in the Kinloch Hotel which I really can't recommend enough! We have stayed there so many times and it is always lovely. The food is so lovely and the pool and sauna are amazing. The only thing was that the wifi they offered was pretty much unusable! No one in the family was able to get it to work and when we asked they said they were trying to change internet providers because of it. I know that when you are on holiday wifi shouldn't be the first thing on your mind but I have exams coming up so being able to do a bit of studying and maybe even a cheeky spot of blogging would have been nice!

On our first day in Arran we stayed in Blackwaterfoot. We really just wanted to adjust to island life again and chill out. We went all the way around the island on our trip but I have to say that Blachwaterfoot will always hold my heart. It isn't the biggest part of the island by any means but there's just something about standing on the very rocky beach looking out across the sea to the Mull of Kintrye that really just captures my heart. We spent the day introducing Batdog to the beach. He's never been in the sea so we were really excited to see how he'd react! He loved it! And we had dinner in the hotel. I had fish and chips and sticky toffee pudding for dessert. Not the healthiest of meals but it was so tasty!

And that was our first day. Please let me know if you enjoyed this blog post because I would love to talk more about my trip!

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