Isle Of Arran Day 2

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

On our second day on the island we went round a few visitor centres in search of a spot of shopping and some lunch(and by lunch I mean cake). The first place we headed to was the Old Byre Visitor Centre which is located in Machrie, on the west coast of the island above Blackwaterfoot. We had never been here before but wanted to visit after learning that Simon Thorburn had opened a new pottery shop there. We loved the one that used to be at Balmichael so were more than happy to go off in search of this one! The pottery shop was there, along with a shop that sold clothes, purses and sheep skin rugs etc. A proper outdoorsy place! They sold loads of hand knitted hats and jumpers. It made me realise that I've been seriously underpricing my crocheting. I need to work on that! We stopped for a bite to eat in the cafe. I had a hot chocolate and a slice of the date and walnut cake. The cake was so lovely and moist. The cafe was lovely, the decor was really nice and minimalistic. High ceilings, big windows, white walls and a sea view. Perfect! 

After that we headed onto the Balmichael Visitor Centre. I think it actually has a different name as its now under new management but I can't find anything about the new name on online. Its located off the string road near Shiskine, its pretty hard to miss! It has really gone down hill. I loved going here as a kid but when we went there was only one shop and the cafe. They used to have an amazing play park and a go kart track. Only a little bit of the park was left and instead they'd added a pretty poor looking plastic ice skating rink and some sort of bungee jump thing that wasn't really tall enough to be a bungee jump. But they did have a zorse(half horse half zebra) so that was pretty cool.

After that we just went back to the hotel and chilled out there for the rest of the night! And took Sam to the beach. He got six walks a day whilst we were in Arran and he was totally loving it!

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