Isle Of Arran Day 3

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

This is probably going to be the most interesting post about my trip to Arran if you love beauty posts. You've probably heard of the brand 'Arran Aromatics', well obviously the Arran part comes from the Isle of Arran where their HQ is! We went along for a little shopping trip. Everything in the photos that I bought was on sale so I got everything for £19.50. Bargain! You can also see all the bottles getting filled and labelled and stuff. Its really interesting to see the process behind everything. The Arran Aromatics store is located in Brodick at the Home Farm which also contains some lovely shops. We also went to the cheese shop which I also think is pretty famous. There was also a shop called Friday's Child which was amazing. It sold all sorts of cool quirky things, I could have spent so much money in there!

We then headed onto the main street in Brodick to have a wander around some more shops. And in particular, the Arran Chocolate Shop! So good. I bought a passionfruit creme, a strawberry creme, a coconut delight, a caramel, an orange velvet and a chocolate frog. They were all so tasty. Another shop where you can see things getting made. After that we did some food shopping for dinner. We had a self catering suite in the hotel which is so handy because you don't have to eat out every night. 

Hope you've been enjoying my posts about Arran!

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