Isle Of Arran Day 5

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Hello everyone! This definitely has to be my favourite day from the trip. Me, my mum and my gran went on a road trip all around the north of the island. We drove from Blackwaterfoot to Brodick over the string road and then when north past Corrie, Sannox, Lochranza, Pirnmill and Machrie! So much to see! I hadn't seen a lot of the north of the island before so it was really nice to do some exploring. One of my favourite parts of the day was seeing the tame deer that live in Lochranza. As Arran is an island the wildlife is pretty isolated, grey squirrels still haven't made their way over for example. So there are a lot of deer around the island. We normally see them when driving to Blackwaterfoot but they normally stay around the top of the peaks so I've never seen them up close. The deer in Lochranza just wander around eating the grass. I didn't even zoom in to take that photo, I was actually that close! Amazing.

There was just something so amazing about driving through the hills with a sea view. It was just so nice to chill and chat with my family in such a beautiful setting. The road around the island is only 57 miles long so its really easy to just go around the whole island in a day. I hope you like the photos!

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